Preserve the white race

Towards a Racial State

 Like it or not,Willy Nilly Bastards in this case would refer to halfbreeds such as Pollocks and other mongrels. To take it a step further, for instance a Germanic Nation with a  Racial State has no moral authority so to speak of what another White Nation does. Let's just say it was somehow decided that a Pollock Nation wasn't a Willy Nilly bastard Nation and it resided within a racial state and it chose to buy Nigger whores from Jews or do other things like bridenapping then another White Ethnic Nation can not forbid them from destroying themselves further.However if the bastard nation or state for that matter tries to trespass within a white ethnic nation while conducting the same suicidal acts against nature then the nation being violated will and should take action against the invaders swiftly and severly. So it would be a good idea for a Pollock Nation regardless if its in the same Racial State as a Germanic nation to be isolated from the Germans just as Jews,Niggers and muds should be kept away from all white racial nations. Any act against nature is an act against the White Race.